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A strong foundation for your acrylic paint pour will create a strong long lasting piece of art, that's why I start by priming my surfaces with my favorite clear gesso Earl Lube Paste! Even if your canvas is a pre-primed one do two layers yourself anyways, once horizontal and dry then vertical and dry, trust me you'll thank me later! This layer gives the acrylic "teeth" to grab onto the surface during your pour. As if this paste wasn't awesome enough it has an incredibly pleasant minty smell so you don't have to suffer the stench  that other wheat pastes and gessos put off.


I found Earl Lube Pour serendipitously after having tried literally every other pouring medium out there everything else was either too thick, too thin, created cracking and crazing during the drying process. Earl Lube Pour however has that warm honey consistency that's perfect for my pouring I believe it to be  a high quality pouring medium. This formula was specifically designed to compliment acrylic paints to extend your dry time allowing you to manipulate the paint to your hearts content and it always dries to a smooth matte finish so even if you aren't satisfied with your results you can pour over it until you are! 

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